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On this page most recent advances (state-of-the-art) in mammographic image analysis will be presented.

Here you can find:

  • paper title,
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for papers published in the last six months or so in high impact factor journals. These journals are carefully selected according to predifined rules and they can be found under "Journals & Books" page on this web-site.

Papers on this page will be constantly updated and older papers will be removed when newer papers are published.


Academic Radiology

Hybrid segmentation of mass in mammograms using template matching and dynamic programming
Song, E., Xu, S., Xu, X., Zeng, J., Lan, Y., Zhang, S., Hung, C.-C.

Multimodality Computer-Aided Breast Cancer Diagnosis with FFDM and DCE-MRI
Yuan, Y., Giger, M.L., Li, H., Bhooshan, N., Sennett, C.A.


Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

A computer-aided detection system for clustered microcalcifications
Marrocco, C., Molinara, M., D'Elia, C., Tortorella, F.


Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine

A fully automated scheme for mammographic segmentation and classification based on breast density and asymmetry
Tzikopoulos, S.D., Mavroforakis, M.E., Georgiou, H.V., Dimitropoulos, N., Theodoridis, S.

Mammogram retrieval on similar mass lesions
Wei, C.-H., Chen, S.Y., Liu, X.


Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics

Medical image analysis with artificial neural networks
Jiang, J., Trundle, P., Ren, J.

Computer-aided diagnosis for early-stage breast cancer by using Wavelet Transform
Tsai, N.-C., Chen, H.-W., Hsu, S.-L.

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Computers in Biology and Medicine

Downgrading BIRADS 3 to BIRADS 2 category using a computer-aided microcalcification analysis and risk assessment system for early breast cancer
Giannakopoulou, G., Spyrou, G.M., Antaraki, A., Andreadis, I., Koulocheri, D., Zagouri, F., Nonni, A., Filippakis, G.M., Nikita, K.S., Ligomenides, P.A., Zografos, G.C.


IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine

Medical case retrieval from a committee of decision trees
Quellec, G., Lamard, M., Bekri, L., Cazuguel, G., Roux, C., Cochener, B.


IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging

Detection of architectural distortion in prior mammograms
Banik, S., Rangayyan, R.M., Desautels, J.E.L.

Case retrieval in medical databases by fusing heterogeneous information
Quellec, G., Lamard, M., Cazuguel, G., Roux, C., Cochener, B.


International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

Image feature evaluation in two new mammography CAD prototypes
Hapfelmeier, A., Horsch, A.

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Journal of Digital Imaging

Marker-Controlled Watershed for Lesion Segmentation in Mammograms
Xu, S., Liu, H., Song, E.

Effect of pixel resolution on texture features of breast masses in mammograms
Rangayyan, R.M., Nguyen, T.M., Ayres, F.J., Nandi, A.K.

Computer-aided identification of the pectoral muscle in digitized mammograms
Camilus, K.S., Govindan, V.K., Sathidevi, P.S.

A new fast fractal modeling approach for the detection of microcalcifications in mammograms
Sankar, D., Thomas, T.

A statistical approach for breast density segmentation
Oliver, A., Lladó, X., Pérez, E., Pont, J., Denton, E.R.E., Freixenet, J., Martí, J.

Computer-aided detection of architectural distortion in prior mammograms of interval cancer
Rangayyan, R.M., Banik, S., Desautels, J.E.L.


Medical Physics

Exploring the potential of context-sensitive CADe in screening mammography
Tourassi, G.D., Mazurowski, M.A., Harrawood, B.P., Krupinski, E.A.

Multilevel learning-based segmentation of ill-defined and spiculated masses in mammograms
Tao, Y., Lo, S.-C.B., Freedman, M.T., Makariou, E., Xuan, J.

Adaptive learning for relevance feedback: application to digital mammography
Oh, J.H., Yang, Y., El Naqa, I.


Physics in Medicine and Biology

Detection of clustered microcalcifications using spatial point process modeling
Jing, H., Yang, Y., Nishikawa, R.M.

Contour tracing for segmentation of mammographic masses
Elter, M., Held, C., Wittenberg, T.


Radiation Protection Dosimetry

The future of medical imaging
Maidment, A.D.A.

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